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Two New Conan Books From Perilous Worlds

Conan and the Emerald Lotus

By John C. Hocking

Lured into the addictive thrall of the Emerald Lotus, the lovely sorceress Zalandra turns to Conan for aid. They must contend with bandits, undead revenants, monsters, and the desert deeps to defeat the lotus’s Stygian master in his lair, never guessing the Emerald Lotus itself may be the greater threat.

Conan and the Living Plague

By John C. Hocking

Sent to recover treasure from a plague-wracked city, not only must Conan avoid its deranged survivors, but battle a deadly disease given humanoid shape. To save himself – and perhaps the world — he allies with a scheming sorcerer to traverse a demon-haunted abyss in a desperate bid to destroy the Living Plague.

The Author

John C. Hocking is an American fantasy writer who is the author of two well acclaimed Conan novels and has also won the 2009 Harper’s Pen Award for Sword and Sorcery fiction for his story, “The Face In The Sea”. He lives in Michigan with his wife, son, and an alarming quantity of books.