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Steve Reeves: Hidden Hero of Sword-and-Sorcery

By Ryan Harvey

What is Sword and Sorcery?

By Bill Ward

Conan: Savage Legends

Prepare to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their dice. Back the Conan: Savage Legends arena combat game on Kickstarter now!

Only just released and already rave reviews for the new Marvel Conan the Barbarian comic which also includes the first episode of our tie-in novella, “Black Starlight” by John C. Hocking.

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The major thing that sets science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories apart from others is the building of worlds – countless new worlds are in constant creation and evolution whether by projecting into the future, re-imagining the past, altering the present, or instead constructing entire new realities. Our mission is to squeeze whole universes between the covers of a book, so that they can be explored by anyone who wishes to experience more perilous worlds.

“From what land come you brother, that you speak such perilous words and seem not to be afraid”

Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

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Perilous Worlds is a sci-fi and fantasy book publisher whose mission is to create immersive adventure books for avid readers, gamers, and fans of SFF tv and film. Perilous Worlds is the book division of Cabinet Entertainment, a global entertainment company whose properties include Conan the Barbarian, Mutant Year Zero, Solomon Kane, Mutant Chronicles, and Kult, amongst others. We release our books in transmedia universes and storylines across books, film, television, video games, comics, and table top games and work closely with our partners who include Marvel, Endeavor Content, as well as our sister companies Pathfinder Media and Heroic Signatures who operate in film and tv, and interactive industries.

In addition to the works of Robert E. Howard who along with H.P. Lovecraft was one of the towering figures of SFF and created the fantasy genre of Sword and Sorcery, Perilous Worlds publishes original fiction with a special focus on Sci-Fi, Heroic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Weird Fiction, as well as Horror. We are committed to tapping into the rich storytelling techniques and talents from the gaming world, publishing both well established as well as emerging writers, and also to introducing new diverse voices.

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John C. Hocking

John C. Hocking is an American fantasy writer who is the author of two well acclaimed Conan novels and has also won the 2009 Harper’s Pen Award for Sword and Sorcery fiction for his story, “The Face In The Sea”. He lives in Michigan with his wife, son, and an alarming quantity of books.


Michael A. Stackpole is an award winning novelist, editor, game designer, computer game designer, graphic novelist and podcaster. He is best known for his New York Times bestselling novels Rogue Squadron and I, Jedi, both of which are set in the Star Wars™ universe. In addition to writing dozens of original novels, he has worked in the Conan, BattleTech, World of Warcraft, ShadowRun, Dark Conspiracy, and Master of Orion universes. He lives in the American Southwest.


After a career as an army officer and game designer, Anders Fager made his debut in 2009 with the short story collection Swedish Cults. Fager writes modern urban horror in a style that has been described as ”what would happen if James Ellroy took on H.P. Lovecraft”. Anders Fager lives in Stockholm. His other works includes role playing games, a children's book, and work with TV and film scripts.


Matt Forbeck is an award winning and New York Times best selling author and game designer. He has over thirty novels and countless games published to date. Matt lives in Wisconsin with his wife and five children.


Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersén are a Swedish writing team who are prolific role-playing game writers who now more than twenty-five years after first dreaming up the nightmares of KULT return to that world in their debut novel, “Death Is Only The Beginning”.


An Introduction to Robert E. Howard and Conan — Bill Ward

Conan the Barbarian belongs to an elite club of fictional characters, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Tarzan, Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula, Batman and Superman, and even that famous WWI flying ace, Snoopy. All of them have enjoyed levels of global mega-success that bridge language and culture, all are instantly recognizable in an iconic way, and all of them, for the vast majority of their audience, completely eclipse their creators. For every person familiar with Edgar Rice Burroughs or Mary Shelley, millions know only Tarzan or Frankenstein (even the fictional creator, Victor Frankenstein, has been supplanted by the monster that took his name). And the same is true for Conan, a character so iconic he has been imitated, pastiched, parodied, rebooted, digitized, Frazzetta-ized, and merchandized across a variety of media in such a bewildering array that it is easy to lose sight of a time when such a character did not exist …

Bill Ward talks about books he likes, and sometimes writes fiction. His short stories are available on kindle



Lured into the addictive thrall of the Emerald Lotus, the lovely sorceress Zalandra turns to Conan for aid. They must contend with bandits, undead revenants, monsters, and the desert deeps to defeat the lotus’s Stygian master in his lair, never guessing the Emerald Lotus itself may be the greater threat.

$16 ISBN : 978-1-7328301-1-0
5.2” x 7.9”


Sent to recover treasure from a plague-wracked city, not only must Conan avoid its deranged survivors, but battle a deadly disease given humanoid shape. To save himself – and perhaps the world — he allies with a scheming sorcerer to traverse a demon-haunted abyss in a desperate bid to destroy the Living Plague.

$16 ISBN : 978-1-7328301-0-3
5.2” x 7.9”



The novel is a prequel to Robert E. Howard’s story Queen of the Black Coast. It introduces Bêlit, the woman who is the love of Conan’s life, and chronicles her turbulent early life which set her on the path to becoming the pirate queen who ensorcels Conan. The exciting adventure dives deep into the world Howard created, weaving threads of history into the backstory of the most intriguing woman Howard ever wrote.

$16 ISBN : 978-1-7328301-2-7
5.2” x 7.9”



Venturing into an apocalyptic wasteland, the mutated, intelligent avian Dux and pig-like Bormin discover a mutilated body, leading to a running battle with a sinister preacher and his ghoulish minions. When Bormin is captured, the wary Dux must ally with a strange woman or lose his friend forever.

$3.99 ISBN : 978-1-7328301-5-8



For the Love of Goddess is a “dark gothic erotic opera” about love and betrayal. Set in London but roaming back and fourth through time and space, the novel makes one think of horror master Clive Barker at his best; also surrealist dreamers like Burroughs or Marquez.

$16 ISBN : 978-1-7328301-3-4
5.2” x 7.9”



Berlin in the summer of 2017 is a city where reality is starting to fall apart. A Swedish sculptor comes here searching for inspiration. Instead she finds the path to inferno. “Death Is Only The Beginning” is a horror novel about art and falling barriers based in the universe of the classic role-playing game KULT.

$16 ISBN : 987-1-7328301-4-1
5.2” x 7.9”

Post apocalypse getting you down?

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